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I've been working with Sherry for a little over two months now. I'm slow to open up, and she let me talk at my own pace. I struggle with depression and other issues and I never thought I would benefit from counseling, because I already know what my issues are. But I'm getting a better understanding of myself, and Sherry has really helped me get there. I'm overcoming the things that are pulling me down, and talking about the those things with her sort of affirms my game plan. Like, once I write it down, I can look at it again and I can say "yeah that's how I feel, there it is. Now I can create a plan to deal with it," and we'll be able to set goals. It really helps knowing someone who cares is on the other end, someone who understands. It's what separates this from private journaling. The journal I have doesn't say things back, and while it's nice writing down what's bothering me or what's going on in my life, it can't offer useful comments or give strategies on how to deal with it. I'm really happy I decided to give this a shot and that I was able to connect with Sherry. She's very understanding and quick to reply with something helpful and kind to say.

Sherry got to the "meat" of matters quickly and effectively while always maintaining a sense of gentleness and respect. She acted as a guide which allowed me to explore the ideas she would bring up in my own time and in my own fashion. ... Sherry is an intelligent and intuitive counselor and spends good quality time on clients. I highly recommend speaking with this lady.

"Counseling Is Creative" ~Sherry Mullins, N.A.R.G.


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"My fiance and I were a little nervous going into this (you just never know what's going to surface!), but we are so glad we did it. Sherry helped us to feel at ease right away, and she was able to give us helpful tools to communicate better and more effectively. In addition, she gave us some insight into ourselves and the ways we process information. Not only do I feel closer to my fiance, but I feel like I understand myself a bit better too. It's no secret that marriage is not always easy, but after our meeting we feel like we have a more solid foundation to help us get through the difficult times when they arise. I would recommend Sherry to any couple getting ready to walk down the aisle. Couples spend so much time preparing for the wedding, but preparing for the marriage is often overlooked."

Over the course of this year, I have had several therapists and then I was connected with Sherry. I loved working with her! She is very understanding, easy to communicate with, and really considered who I am and my interests as a creative person. In fact, she gave me cool creative cognitive tools to help through some difficult thinking and exposed me to some great quotes about life and the inner self. I'd totally recommend her to anyone. Our time together was short, but I feel like we accomplished a lot. She'd even say so herself. This won't be the last of my time on Better Help, and when I do come back I will certainly work with Sherry again.

Sherry has been amazing! She's so helpful and seems to understand me without me having to tell her! Such a nice change! She guessed on many things about me without me saying anything and was right! She's very intuitive and wonderfully sweet! I would recommend her to anyone any day!

"Sherry has been extremely patient and honest with me. Our similarities make talking to her very easy and I don't feel ashamed to say things about myself with her. She is helping me open up to my wife and heal emotional damage." ~Client Review Sept. 8th