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Heyoka What?

This is about using a combination of counseling, mentoring, and educational services designed to quickly, accurately, and kindly help you to see  yourself and your situation differently. A Heyoka is one who sees the world differently, and who is not afraid to speak up. Working alongside a Heyoka will help you get greater clarity and understanding, feel less afraid, make better choices, and take right action.


What do Clients say about Working with Sherry?

Sherry is, shall we say, "unique".   

Sherry is perceptive.... really, really perceptive.

Sherry is the kind of person you can talk to about anything. Yes, anything.

Sherry is thoughtful and open-minded. You can trust her.

Sherry is honest and kind. She cares.


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Same Old Relationship Patterns

Help me bring back that loving feeling.

"I've gotta get outta here!"

Brand new partner. Same old crap.

Yeah, But... How  Can Sherry Help Me?

Through in-person, phone, video, and on-line counseling services (there is no "one-size fits all" around here); we will together make and carry out a plan that will help you gently see the truth of who you are, the situation you are in, and the choices that are yours to make.

How Can Heyoka Help You Feel Better?

Re-Located in Farmington, MI ~ Video Counseling Service Available ~ 248-430-4224


Anxiety Angst ~ Despair Grief

Aches ~ Longing ~ Things of the Spirit

Where do I belong ~ Don't feel at home.

Introverts ~ Empaths
​Highly Sensitive People

  • Highly Sensitive Persons
  • Empaths ~ Outcasts ~ Creatives
  • Introverts and Socially Awkwards
  • Chronic Pain and Suffering Life
  • Palliative and End of Life
  • Hellos ~ Transitions ~ Good-byes
  • Grieving ~ Abandoned ~Left Behind
"That's NOT what I said!
 "WHY do I keep doing this?"

Communication ~ Assumptions

Habits ~ Addictions ~ Obsessions 

​Coaching and counseling services

In-Person & Remote

I'm just stuck

I don't know what to do.

I know what to do
​and can't seem to do it.

Depressed ~ Tired ~ Bored

Sherry Mullins, MA, LPC
​​Providing Professional Counseling Services Especially for You: