I don't suppose you ever feel like you are sleepwalking through life? Making the same choices and the same mistakes with the same types of people over and over again?

I don't suppose you ever feel dissatisfied? Disgruntled? Just bored?

​Angry? (I try to deny it but then I inevitably explode and feel really bad about myself.)

Lonely? It doesn't matter if I'm alone or with other people. Sometimes when I'm around people it makes it even worse.

Like everything is just. so.  hard. "Please, I need a  break." ie: The News. COVID. Stupid people. Politics. War in Ukraine. Rights violations. My boss. My anxiety. My own thoughts. My feelings. My mom. My digestive issues. Noticing everything all the time.

Lost. Failing. Burdened. I don't know my purpose. What's the point of it all anyway?


Just "off" ~ Like you are "not like other people". Feeling like you were born at the wrong time or the wrong place. You don't understand people or you understand them better than you would ever want to. You "know" things.

You are in a relationship but some days you dream of being a hermit. Well, there are a million things I could say. But I'll let you tell me what it's like for you...

​Anxious. Overwhelmed. (RESENTFUL.)

​​What you want less of:

Clarity. To know once and for all the truth of "what is really going on here". 

To make those discoveries quickly yet gently. 

More choices in the decisions you make and the actions you take rather than acting on auto-pilot all the time.

The ability to reflect and respond accurately rather than lash out reactively or impulsively. (Note: I do not believe that impulsivity is always a bad thing.)

A better sense of where and with whom you belong. 

Letting things be. It can just be too hard and take too long to "let it go". But we can learn to let it be.

Knowing when it is time to cut your losses.

A better understanding of what needs to change in your life and more courage to take those steps.

Peace for those who are agitated, comfort for those who are grieving, and uplifting for those who are down and out.

After COVID's years-long restrictions, some people want to be hugged. (Appropriate touch heals)

What you need more of:

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Sherry, who do you help?

We help highly introspective people who love counseling and are ready to take a deep dive into the next phase of their lives, those experiencing existential angst.

People who have struggled to find a caring counselor, or who have struggled to make much progress from prior therapy;

People who have a hard time opening up, and people who don't want counseling at all, but do want to feel better.